Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thank You Mason Dixon

I was absolutely thrilled to receive my Amazon box last week that contained my Mason Dixon Knitting book. I actually bought two, one for myself and my friend, Celi for her birthday. The front cover of the book says it all, "Created for knitters everywhere who share the give 'em hell spirit of just picking up the needles and making stuff." After curiously watching Jackie knit a log cabin blanket for her children out of cheap 'ol Sugar and Cream cotton yarn ($1.27 a skein when not on sale at Hobby Lobby), I was intrigued to make my own creation of some kind. I've opted for the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket and substituted Sugar and Cream in colors to match my western spare bedroom. This is what I have accomplished after 17 hours of knitting. Thank you Mason Dixon for helping a yarn snob overcome her fears of cheap's working out beautifully!