Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Trails Angelique

There goes another knitting friend leaving Wichita. What is it about this town being just a pit stop for so many wonderful people?? We're sad to see her leave but know she will enjoy the adventure of New Mexico.
We had a going away party and I quickly made up a scarf for her from Koigu.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June Sock of the Month

The Twist sock of the month club for June features Glowing Toes -- a fun and practical pedicure sock -- made out of Collinette Credenza. I held off on my much needed pedicure until I got my socks completed so I'd stay motivated to get them done. They'll be so handy to wear during those cold winter months.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

June Flea Market

Mom and I had another successful trip to the Colliseum flea market. It's a good thing, because there won't be another one until Fall.

I'm going to fill the galvanized double-bucket with jade plants and it will look great with my collection of watering cans. I'm always looking for ruffled crochet hot pads and I plan to knit some miniature knitwear to go on the wooden drawing figurine. I got this idea from one that Kenita has on her counter at Wildflower in Manhattan.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

DIY: Succulent Wreath

1 bag green moss (410 cu. in.)
12" wire wreath frame
3" wired vine ribbon
(Michaels - $10)

4 assorted 4-pack succulents
(Lowes - $20)

Assembly: Place moss in layers on top of wire wreath frame. Then wrap the vine ribbon around matching up the ends and secure together. Tuck plants through the top into moss working through the spaces of the wired vine ribbon.

Hang and enjoy summer!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Date Night

Our Friday night date included riding our bikes over to the shooting range followed by delicious ribeye steak dinners at Julius' RibCage. (Once again, date night took us to the south side of town and I joked we are like birds migrating to our homeland). Every so often we stop in to check our shooting skills. This was my target just over 5 yards away. I don't have a tight pattern but you can see I'm still a pretty good shot and am completely comfortable with my smaller .22 caliber handgun.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Boots - Icon Bombshell

Since my new bike has floorboards instead of pegs, I've been thinking about getting some fancy new riding boots but it's only been a thought I've said to myself. So, I went into Mid-America Powersports for the purpose of getting a new helmet and I literally stumbled over the only boot box in the place which happened to be a women's size 8 -- just my size. I snatched these babies up and took them to the counter and asked the price. The guy told me and I said "Damn!". At that he knocked $30 bucks off and I walked out with a kick-ass ('scuse the language but there's no other word for them!) pair of boots and a new flat black helmet. Karma works in mysterious ways...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Farm Work

We get the tractor out a couple times a year to mow the acreage where my father-in-law keeps our horse, Duke. It's been such a wet year and the place was a wreck. I enjoy putting on a pair of work gloves and boots and getting after a sweaty day of hard labor trimming trees and riding the tractor. Plus, tractors are cool with all the attachments that mow, plow and scoop.

Friday, June 13, 2008


This is going to give me away as growing up on the South side but here goes. I love going to the drive-in - always have - always will. Best thing to do is load up in the back of a pick-up with lounge chairs, blankets, pillows, snacks and a cooler on a cool summer evening to stay up into the wee early morning watching 2-3 movies. Without sounding too redneck - bing bag chairs work good, too! We've tried the air mattress in the back but that's too comfortable and you end up just sleeping through 2-3 movies so the secret is to stay somewhat upright.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Met Maggie Sefton

A long black limo brought Maggie Sefton to town today and sat outside Watermark Books while she spoke about her journey into writing, entering the rabbit hole of knitting, and signed copies of her latest knitting murder mystery, Dyer Consequences. Her other knitting mysteries in my collection includes, A Deadly Yarn, A Killer Stitch and Needled to Death. Connie (pictured with the limo) and I enjoyed a bowl of soup and then listened intently while knitting on our sock projects. The time passed by too quickly and Maggie was whisked off to Tulsa for her next gig.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

New Publications

This morning I stopped into Barnes & Noble for a book or magazine fix and found a new knitting mag from Europe called Verena. It's about time we get a little more variety! This premier issue is packed with sophisticated styles in the yarns we love so check it out. Then I got to the counter and right in front of me was "How to Knit a Wild Bikini." It's sure to be a good summer romance read.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fruit Loop Socks

Finished the other Fruit Loop sock for the one I made on my trip. Jackie was right - this cable-like ribbing is form fitting and feels great. In fact, I could probably say this rates high on my most favorite sock patterns. Not too fussy with an easy to remember four row repeat. Ironically, I had a skein of Opal in my stash with every color in the cereal box!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Riding Destination: The Grand Canyon

We made it back from our 11-day southwest vacation. We spent four of those days with 10 of our friends on the road as we made our way to the Grand Canyon.

Our first 598 mile day ended as we treacherously traveled over a blizzardy mountain pass into Chama, NM. A second day of snow and ice was much more than I cared to tolerate so I volunteered to load my bike and drove the warm chase truck for the day. We passed through Farmington, NM (soon to be Angelique's new home) where you can see Shiprock Peak in the skyline.

On our third day the weather finally warmed up somewhat in the 50's as we took in the rock views of the 17-mile drive through Monument Valley at the Arizona-Utah border.

Then we made our way to the south rim of the Grand Canyon where we were greeted by a light sleet. Pictures cannot capture how big and breath-taking the canyon really is.

Since I don't sleep much, I was able to spend time waiting for the guys to get around in the morning knitting a pair of socks. See, I'm just a girl who rides and knits!

Finished up our trip with the group riding through the Petrified Forest and multi-colored hued badlands of the Painted Desert. At this point, we said our goodbyes and husband and I headed for Sedona, AZ to spend the week sightseeing in the Red Rock Country.

Riding Destination: Sedona, AZ

We passed by the snow covered mountains of Flagstaff and a chilly ride through hair pin curves of Coconino National Forest to our lodge in Oak Creek Canyon just outside of Sedona, AZ. Sedona was filled with great tourist shops and I even found a knit shop where I purchased a hank of locally dyed alpaca.

Spent one whole day leisurely knitting on the rocks by Oak Creek and finished one Fruit Loop sock.

Took a bumpy 4x4 sunset guided tour in a Hummer up into the Red Rocks where the views were incredible.

Rode to the mile-high old mining town of Jerome where I found another awesome yarn and bead shop. I came away very inspired by the talent of this shop owner @

Rididng Destination: Santa Fe, NM

Although I was sad to leave Sedona we were off to one of my favorite destinations where the weather finally warmed into the 80's for the last leg of our trip to Santa Fe. I love the southwest lifestyle, cuisine and jewelry shopping on the Plaza. This time I purchased a multi-stone heart belt buckle and got to meet the international designer herself, Rocki Gorman.

I couldn't help but make one more yarn shop stop for some hand dyed New Mexico alpaca. The Santa Fe colors in this yarn will make a beautiful lace shawl and a perfect souvenir of my trip.