Friday, April 27, 2007

Oklahoma Loot

Q: What's a girl to do who's been working way too many hours and running short on knitting projects?
A: Vacation day and a road trip for yarn!!

I called up my KIP friend, Laurie, grabbed a rental car and we made our way south to Oklahoma City. Our first stop took us to a spinning shop, Tres Hermanas in Ponca City. Check out the beautiful spinning wheel and needle felted rocking horse that was intricately made by the shop owner.

From there we traveled to Guthrie for antique shops and a somewhat expensive stop at Sealed with a Kiss where I purchased a shrug kit. My favorite shop turned out to be the very hip and retro yarn shop, Happy Cat, close to the OU campus in Norman. It was so colorful with ecclectic touches filling the spaces between all the fabulous yarns.

By this time, we started running out of time and made a quick stop at The Gourmet Yarn Co. in Oklahoma City. Right around the corner we finished our day with a frozen margarita on Lake Hefner.

It was a GREAT day and boy am I worn out!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

50 Things About Me

1. I was not named after anyone
2. I have been married over 17 years
3. I am a true Libra
4. My Chinese Zodiak Sign is the Horse
5. I have lived in one city my entire life
6. I am an only child
7. I find humor in being a redneck
8. I could be a truck driver
9. I like hats, boots and belt buckles
10. I am an optimist
11. I am attracted to loud, dramatic people
12. I twirled a baton as a child
13. I was a cheerleader as a teenager
14. I broke my tailbone as a cheerleader
15. My first car was a Ghia Mustang
16. Hersheys chocolate makes me happy
17. I got braces at age 18
18. I am nearsighted
19. My favorite beer is Corona
20. Raw Oysters and Corona is my favorite meal
21. I quit a waitressing job after the first day
22. I dropped Economics twice
23. I hate math
24. COPS is my favorite t.v. show
25. I used to read a ton of murder mysteries
26. Now I only knit
27. I knit obsessively
28. I wish I didn’t have to work and could knit 24/7
29. I am crafty
30. I have my own craft room
31. I am adventurous
32. I love to travel anywhere
33. My favorite state is Texas
34. I despise showers and only take baths
35. Tiny dogs make me nervous

36. Goats give me the creeps
37. I like spiders
38. I am deathly afraid of snakes
39. I secretly like to eat raw hamburger
40. I am looking forward to retirement
41. I want to own a Winnebago
42. I like to fish
43. I want my own bass boat
44. I can still do the splits
45. I once qualified for Nationals in bodybuilding
46. I have my own Harley
47. I hang with strong, independent women
48. I can sunbathe all day
49. You’ve Got Mail is my favorite movie
50. I live to ride and knit

Collared Tank #3

My love affair with the collared tank has come to an end. This is my third (and probably last) in a steel blue/grey Saucy cotton yarn. Although I was completely smitten with this pattern and great fit, I need a break and new project.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Wild Kingdom

For living in the city, my house sure is a hotbed for wildlife. Corn and birdseed attract a herd of squirrels and baby bunnies nest under our backyard shed. The wrens have arrived and soon the yellow finches will travel from the south and pass through my feeders. Tonight I discovered a third nest by my front porch and a baby robin has hatched. In fact, all the nests have babies and I have begun to have anxious, fearful feelings of being witness to some tragedy that could fall upon them.

April Flea Market

The flea market building will be closed for renovation during the next four months so this was our last opportunity for a while to scope out market bargains . As usual, I found a basket for a steal, an old watering can and a mason jar bird feeder just perfect for the front porch finches.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Baby Finches

Ssshhhhhhh......the babies are sleeping!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Front Porch Wildlife

It's hard to believe Spring is here with the snow showers we had yesterday but proof is right on my own front porch. Nestled in a hanging flower basket is a house finch nest and right around the corner I discovered a robin's nest perched low in an evergreen tree. Incubation for both is about 12-14 days so I keep peeking in for babies.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Collared Tank #2

Here I go again...I'm knitting and can't stop. I get a little obsessed when I come across something that fits really well and I like a lot. I've already started on my third Collared Tank from knitsimple in yet another color. We'll just have to wait and see how many of these I crank out before I burn out.
For a totally different look, Pr3tty Knitty has replaced stockinette st with a very lovely lace pattern that gives this simple pattern a little kick.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Knitting Chair

My denim chair finally arrived from Ethan Allen. Caution: If you ever order from this place you better have a ton of patience. I waited four months but it looks great in the denim that I chose and fits perfectly in my knitting nook. I now have a special place to sit and read, knit and come up creative ideas.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Grandma's Wedding Reception

My grandmother got married last week and we had a reception party tonight. She's 83 and her new husband, Junior, is 86. I'm a believer that life is short and a person needs to go for whatever they feel is important in life. In their case, they sure have had a long life so far and isn't it great they are still "going for it". Seeing them dance, smile and kiss was absolutely priceless.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NIKE 100-Mile Reward

I've loved NIKE since childhood. It took everything I had to settle on my Asics running shoes over NIKE but I did it only because with my eyes closed, the Asics felt the most comfortable and this is so very important with running. Anyways, today was the day I strolled into Dick's Sporting Goods in search of a gift for self for completing my first 100 running miles (yes - I'm still celebrating) and look what I found. OMG--Every girl needs a NIKE running skirt with a reflective stripe!! (BTW: That's not me in the picture but soon should be after I complete my next 100). This Dri-FIT skirt features a built-in compression short and strategically placed pocket in the back.