Wednesday, April 25, 2007

50 Things About Me

1. I was not named after anyone
2. I have been married over 17 years
3. I am a true Libra
4. My Chinese Zodiak Sign is the Horse
5. I have lived in one city my entire life
6. I am an only child
7. I find humor in being a redneck
8. I could be a truck driver
9. I like hats, boots and belt buckles
10. I am an optimist
11. I am attracted to loud, dramatic people
12. I twirled a baton as a child
13. I was a cheerleader as a teenager
14. I broke my tailbone as a cheerleader
15. My first car was a Ghia Mustang
16. Hersheys chocolate makes me happy
17. I got braces at age 18
18. I am nearsighted
19. My favorite beer is Corona
20. Raw Oysters and Corona is my favorite meal
21. I quit a waitressing job after the first day
22. I dropped Economics twice
23. I hate math
24. COPS is my favorite t.v. show
25. I used to read a ton of murder mysteries
26. Now I only knit
27. I knit obsessively
28. I wish I didn’t have to work and could knit 24/7
29. I am crafty
30. I have my own craft room
31. I am adventurous
32. I love to travel anywhere
33. My favorite state is Texas
34. I despise showers and only take baths
35. Tiny dogs make me nervous

36. Goats give me the creeps
37. I like spiders
38. I am deathly afraid of snakes
39. I secretly like to eat raw hamburger
40. I am looking forward to retirement
41. I want to own a Winnebago
42. I like to fish
43. I want my own bass boat
44. I can still do the splits
45. I once qualified for Nationals in bodybuilding
46. I have my own Harley
47. I hang with strong, independent women
48. I can sunbathe all day
49. You’ve Got Mail is my favorite movie
50. I live to ride and knit