Saturday, August 28, 2010

OKC Kayak

Pattie and I met up with Laurie and a couple of her friends at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City for kayak lessons. OKC Kayak offers all sorts of lessons and trip adventures. We've started with the Quickstart basics course and I took to it like a fish to water. I really enjoy the rhythm of paddling and being on the water. We were exposed to different kayak styles and this basic skill will be useful to have for future water vacation destinations. Although I could see myself owning a kayak, logistically I think it would be more convenient just to rent one.

Wherever we go for adventure - we also find yarn. Pattie and I stopped at Gourmet Yarn's newly expanded shop and about four feet into the shop we both found our next knitting projects. Mine, the sample Noro shawl on display (pic above) and for Pattie a pair of Spud & Cloe pink lacey socks.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lace Shawl WIP

Many thanks to Shelly and Di (@ Twist) for helping me block out my Spring is in the Air lace shawl today. It's a very special gift that will be going out in the mail tomorrow. Knitting in the beads was tedious work -- maybe that's why I decided to start another one tonight that will be mine. I used Cascade sock yarn on the first one and this one I'm using Noro Kureyon with beads the color of green turquoise.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Warm Welcome Home

My steel pony, Sinister, got me home safely after a very long, hot day of riding about 800 miles in 13 hours. There were no additional unexplainable breakdowns like bad rear bearings (with only 20K miles) -- Gez! I can no longer make fun of people who trailer their bikes to the rally as I was wishing we had that option when my bike was broke down on a no shoulder roadway. A trip that started out badly turned out to be one of the best times we've had together. We rode about 1,800 miles with not one drop of rain which is unheard of in the Black Hills and we were spoiled with a week of temps in the 60's to low 80's. It was quite a shock to roll back into a 106 degree Kansas afternoon. I'm gonna miss South Dakota -- that is until this time next year!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Riding the Black Hills

While most of the bikers spend their time in bars or at concerts, we spend ours riding around the Black Hills. Today we explored some back roads and routes we've never been on. That's where we found some curves and tight corners but we were not alone. That's what we enjoy most -- besides the shopping!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Eats & Knitting

While the rally shopping is good, the riding is even better and is what keeps us coming back year after year. Today's destination took us riding through Spearfish Canyon where we stopped to walk around Bridal Falls and have lunch at a lodge in the middle of the canyon. Riding along the roadside streams made me want to try a trout sandwich and it was a real treat that I can't get back home.

We got back to the cabin early enough for husband to take a nap and I got in a little front porch knitting accompanied with the smells of pine trees. It was a very relaxing way to spend the afternoon on vacation. I've been working on a pretty complex project with beads that I need to get finished in the next couple of weeks so I was glad I brought it along.

Every year the owner of our lodge, Dan (& Joyce) Carsten, put on a prime rib roast out a their place and it's some really good eats. We've had a few groceries in our cabin but today has been the best meals we've had the entire trip.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sturgis Rally 2010

It's so good to be here for my 12th Sturgis Rally. We got up early and rode to town and my shopping karma was spot on. T-shirts for our friends back home and a couple luxury items for me. A black bone belt to go with my new belt buckle and the most awesome C.C. holster belt both made by Tribe.
We now have a new daily destination, Sturgis Coffee Company, that's located at the entrance of town. Biker-friendly seating inside and out filled with the aroma of roasting beans. It was a fantastic day of shopping, I have my ride back and all is good again here in the Black Hills.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Settled In

We are settled in to our cabin here and my bike is still in the shop. We are determined not to let it ruin our vacation and I rode with husband to Hill City for the day. It's a great pine tree ride to a small little town that fills up with motorcycles and shops. Some therapy shopping cured my motocycle blues when I found a green turquiose belt buckle by the talented Texan artist, Paige Wallace. It's beautiful and such a special reminder of my trip.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Our Kind of Love

Our kind of love is:
  • A week of vacation
  • A couple of duffel bags
  • Riding the open highway beside my love

We were making good time when my bike started wobbling 200 miles from Sturgis. I had to shut her down and we waited in the middle of nowhere South Dakota four hours for a tow to the HD dealership in Rapid City. In the meanwhile, I got to be closer to my love and wonder why my bike hates me so. That one has become a love/hate relationship.

Friday, August 06, 2010

DIY: Generation T-Bird

Generation T is one of the best reconstruction books around with more than 100 projects that transforms boxy jersey t-shirts (that I don't like to wear) into fashionable summertime tops. I can remember my mom making high-necked halters like this in the 70's. I used a local tattoo shop t-shirt on this one that will be perfect to wear in Sturgis.

DIY: Generation T-Tube

Another reconstructed t-shirt from our local tattoo shop that has lots of color. This little number will be good to get sun on the shoulders.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


A coworker and I are staying a couple nights in Manhattan across the street from KState University. After our work meetings we've had some time to spend in Aggieville and pool side. The pool has given me the opportunity to test out the underwater features of my new camera. It's an Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 with 14 megapixels that's shockproof from 6.6 feet and waterproof up to 33 feet. It should be just the rugged camera my life requires.