Friday, August 13, 2010

Warm Welcome Home

My steel pony, Sinister, got me home safely after a very long, hot day of riding about 800 miles in 13 hours. There were no additional unexplainable breakdowns like bad rear bearings (with only 20K miles) -- Gez! I can no longer make fun of people who trailer their bikes to the rally as I was wishing we had that option when my bike was broke down on a no shoulder roadway. A trip that started out badly turned out to be one of the best times we've had together. We rode about 1,800 miles with not one drop of rain which is unheard of in the Black Hills and we were spoiled with a week of temps in the 60's to low 80's. It was quite a shock to roll back into a 106 degree Kansas afternoon. I'm gonna miss South Dakota -- that is until this time next year!