Saturday, June 23, 2007

Farm Day

My father-in-law has a few acres close to Haysville where husband and I have "farm days." We do all kinds of chores such as plowing and mowing with the tractors, caring for the horse, Duke, and cutting trees from the fence for the burn pile. I enjoy riding the tractor but had some anxiety when I mowed over a nest of baby rabbits. They were so tiny and scampered around everywhere. I hope they all find their way back to their momma.

Friday, June 22, 2007

DIY: Easyrider Skirt

I haven't had the opportunity to start up any new knitting projects because I'm still collecting fabric for and sewing up skirts. I wear them to work on casual days with sandals and weekends with flip-flops. I'm smitten with the comfort of cotton and the easy, low-waisted fit. I have found so many have-to-have fabrics including the skirt I completed tonight in an Easyrider desert motorcycle theme. I strategically placed the cool women riding choppers in bikini tops on the front of my skirt. Been there -- done that!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Catch

I couldn't think of anything I'd rather be doing on Father's Day than fishing with my dad. I have so many childhood memories and fun times spent on the water with him and my mom.

Our catch on this Father's Day was 2 bass and 2 wipers. It was cloudy all morning but the rain held off until we left the reservoir.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

DIY: Tree of Life Skirt

I'm still working on A-line skirts from Sew What! SKIRTS. Brought back this fabric from Taos depicting the Tree of Life from the New Mexico Museum of International Folk Art. Instead of buying my souvenirs, I bring back supplies and make my own. If you recall, last year I brought back sock yarn from Albuquerque in the same colorful scheme that reminds me of my trip every time I wear them.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Destination: Taos, NM


11 women
9 motorcycles
1 pickup truck
4 beer coolers
6 days vacation

Mix together for 1,250 miles of fun and adventure in Taos, New Mexico. Add in some shopping, sun, beer stops, tattoos and a lot of mexican food and you've got some pretty great road stories and pictures to share with your grandchildren (or Winnebago Club) some day.

The Yarn Shop

While in Taos (or anywhere for that matter), I do like to make a point to visit yarn and fabric shops on the Square. While the other girls shopped, I slipped into The Yarn Shop and had a very interesting conversation with "Granny G." She shared with me hats that she's designing and helped me purchase yarn for the sampled Swing Tank (all pictured). I do love shop samples!!

She was the most interesting woman and out of the blue asked my birth date. I wasn't sure if she was quoting Tarot or horoscopes as she made two comments about me based upon my dates:

1) I find comfort in having money in the bank. This didn't use to be the case in my early years but has been very true the past few years and has made me so much more content with life.

2) I will have my own business in less than one year. I often think of having my own boutique knitting shop but don't see that dream coming anytime soon.

Granny G gave me her home phone number and sent me on my way with a hank of yarn and a warm spot in my heart.

LaLana Wools

I packed a small knitting project with me on the trip but I never once had the opportunity to pick it up -- although I can always find the time to buy more yarn.

From our Lodge in Taos, I walked a few blocks down to LaLana Wools on a cloudy afternoon. I wish I would have asked the lovely lady in the shop her name but I did learn she's a mathematician who worked for designers like Liz Claiborne designing garments. Now she designs patterns for LaLana Wools and adds a great spirit to the shop. I was thrilled to find a pattern and sample for The Winter Cowboy Hat and settled on purchasing the shop's wool in dark walnut and dark indigo silk trim.

I just couldn't stop there and also left with a Contessa Moebius Scarf kit in red with black trim. Enough damage was done to the wallet in that short hour I had in the shop prior to closing and I walked back in a downpour.

Early Morning Walks in Taos

Sunday, June 03, 2007

So Cool It's Criminal


I found the coolest (MOST WANTED by Rousseaux) denim "biker" jacket at the ROT Rally over the weekend and it has a great story to go with it. Not only is it handmade but this garmet was manufactured by inmates of the Nevada State Prison - Las Vegas. Profits from sales are used to relieve taxpayers for prisoners' incarceration and provide contributions to victim's funds.

ROT Rally 2007

I'm back......We left Friday on our motorcycles for the Republic of Texas rally in Austin, Texas. It rained on us both ways but it was clear and HOT on Saturday as we took in the rally at the fairgrounds and then hung out all night on 6th street where I did see a few people who are living the city's trademark "Keep Austin Weird". It's lined with bars and restaurants and my favorite hot spot, Coyote Ugly. I was fond of this police officer who blocked traffic so I could park in this awesome spot.

I was sad to leave our motel this morning and head back to Wichita. It's hard having only one full day to spend in Austin.