Wednesday, June 13, 2007

LaLana Wools

I packed a small knitting project with me on the trip but I never once had the opportunity to pick it up -- although I can always find the time to buy more yarn.

From our Lodge in Taos, I walked a few blocks down to LaLana Wools on a cloudy afternoon. I wish I would have asked the lovely lady in the shop her name but I did learn she's a mathematician who worked for designers like Liz Claiborne designing garments. Now she designs patterns for LaLana Wools and adds a great spirit to the shop. I was thrilled to find a pattern and sample for The Winter Cowboy Hat and settled on purchasing the shop's wool in dark walnut and dark indigo silk trim.

I just couldn't stop there and also left with a Contessa Moebius Scarf kit in red with black trim. Enough damage was done to the wallet in that short hour I had in the shop prior to closing and I walked back in a downpour.