Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Yarn Shop

While in Taos (or anywhere for that matter), I do like to make a point to visit yarn and fabric shops on the Square. While the other girls shopped, I slipped into The Yarn Shop and had a very interesting conversation with "Granny G." She shared with me hats that she's designing and helped me purchase yarn for the sampled Swing Tank (all pictured). I do love shop samples!!

She was the most interesting woman and out of the blue asked my birth date. I wasn't sure if she was quoting Tarot or horoscopes as she made two comments about me based upon my dates:

1) I find comfort in having money in the bank. This didn't use to be the case in my early years but has been very true the past few years and has made me so much more content with life.

2) I will have my own business in less than one year. I often think of having my own boutique knitting shop but don't see that dream coming anytime soon.

Granny G gave me her home phone number and sent me on my way with a hank of yarn and a warm spot in my heart.