Sunday, June 01, 2008

Riding Destination: The Grand Canyon

We made it back from our 11-day southwest vacation. We spent four of those days with 10 of our friends on the road as we made our way to the Grand Canyon.

Our first 598 mile day ended as we treacherously traveled over a blizzardy mountain pass into Chama, NM. A second day of snow and ice was much more than I cared to tolerate so I volunteered to load my bike and drove the warm chase truck for the day. We passed through Farmington, NM (soon to be Angelique's new home) where you can see Shiprock Peak in the skyline.

On our third day the weather finally warmed up somewhat in the 50's as we took in the rock views of the 17-mile drive through Monument Valley at the Arizona-Utah border.

Then we made our way to the south rim of the Grand Canyon where we were greeted by a light sleet. Pictures cannot capture how big and breath-taking the canyon really is.

Since I don't sleep much, I was able to spend time waiting for the guys to get around in the morning knitting a pair of socks. See, I'm just a girl who rides and knits!

Finished up our trip with the group riding through the Petrified Forest and multi-colored hued badlands of the Painted Desert. At this point, we said our goodbyes and husband and I headed for Sedona, AZ to spend the week sightseeing in the Red Rock Country.