Saturday, October 07, 2006

Woofstock & Surprise Party

We started the day by going to the annual Humane Society fundraiser, Woofstock at Segwick County Park.

Sassie and Sheba strutted their stuff with hundreds of other dogs of all breeds and sizes. This was Sheba's first time to this event and for a Pit, she was very well behaved and only really disliked the couple friends' dog that went with us (not pictured).

Who would've known turning 40 would have been such a big event. Later, my friend Melanie picked me up for what I thought was going to be dinner with another friend and turned out to be a surprise party of 70 friends and family members. Husband and her had planned it out for months and totally had me fooled. Even my neice, Amy, flew in from Chicago. Guests were provided with ribs, chicken and beer. It was quite embarrasing to be such the focus of attention --- combined with the bikini picture of me posted at the front door!!