Saturday, August 04, 2007

DIY: Reconstructed Levi Handbags

Our long-time good friends, Matt & Melanie are opening a new, bigger motorcycle shop in Galva, Kansas. M&M Choppers will now be right on Highway 56. They are going to have so much exposure due to their new location and I'm sure they will have more business than they can handle. Melanie takes care of the decorating and clothing line and wanted to have some handmade items in the shop so she turned to one of her BFF's (ME!) to make some denim purses to sell out of a stack of old Levi's she had piled up. And you know, I'm no stranger to Levi reconstruction! I added a little motorcycle/biker flair with the linings in skulls, flames and barbed wire. Only got another stack of jeans to go but will send these off to the shop on Monday. Just gotta love denim!