Thursday, January 08, 2009

Low-Carb Diet

Diet it such a dirty word. But really, my eating habits had become way out of whack for too long. The New Year is a huge motivator for me and I decided to get back to the basics of my long ago bodybuilding high protein diet and the log I used when I competed. Realistically, it's hard to log all year long, but its a good excercise to follow for a few weeks to get back in the practice of making sure your cal/carb/fat/protein ratios are where they need to be. In my case, I want to lose a little fat and a few inches so I'm trying to keep my carbs under 55 grams/daily and protein anywhere from 80-100 grams/day. Its so hard to resist a bowl of fried rice or chips & beer!
I use to look up foods and at first it was shocking how many carbs and how little protein was in my diet. Ive had to make adjustments every day and am now incorporating protein drinks and bars as snacks between meals. A re-evaluation of my excercise plan will follow but for now its time to get reaquainted with my old friends: egg whites, tuna, chicken breast, and cottage cheese to name a few. How does your diet measure up in 2009?