Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Day in Abilene

Work usually takes me to or through Abilene, KS but today was a road trip day with mom. We especially enjoy spending time together listening to music and talking on the road. So when you add in shopping, antiques and margaritas -- needless to say, we really have a good time. In Abilene, you can treat yourself to handmade jewelry by Tracine, handpoured candles at Cypress Bridge and yarn/roving at the Shivering Sheep. There are five antique shops and in one of them I was delighted to see a booth filled with Longaberger baskets. It was hard deciding upon getting a hat box basket or this Weekend Tote with leather handles and zippered lining. I can see myself filling this tote with road trip stuff and/or knitting projects. It was a very good find and as always, it wasn't difficult to find a few things that made the trip worthwhile!