Friday, May 29, 2009

Heartland Farm Alpaca Shearing

Sister Mary Ellen invited me out for the alpaca shearing at Heartland Farm. I spent two wonderful days helping to sort fiber and providing my labor assistance on the farm. I'm used to clay but the soil in Great Bend, KS is like potting soil -- making it a dream to pull weeds -- I emptied four heaping wheelbarrows full. The sisters provided tasty meals from the garden and who knew that I would like rhubarb. It was like spending time with my aunts and grandmother bringing back memories of organic gardens, mint water, homemade pickles, composting, canning, mason jars, dutch windmills and the ticking of clocks over the silence of a livingroom. (The trip had me missing my grandmother dearly). I did come home with some pottery, 4 pounds of fleece and a couple of blisters.