Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Knit Forecast

I can tell I've been on a knitting hiatus. I'm flipping through two new knitting mags and have found four sweater projects that I've just got to start immediately. Maybe my first step should be to rank them in order of knitting importance:

1) Helleborus Yoke
2) Loretto Vest
3) Wrapped Cardi- Make it Work (4th pic)
4) Shawl-Collar Jacket- A Winter Wonderland (4th pic)

Then there's the one(s) I've already committed to with yarn purchases:

5) Little Lace Vest
6) February Lady Sweater KAL
7) Diorama Vest
8) Liesl Cardigan

In summary, I think I'm over-committing myself just a little for 2010. But what the hey, isn't the hat on the cover of the Knitsimple mag simply irresistible...