Tuesday, June 01, 2010

4 Days = 8 States

I was running with the big dogs (husband's friends) this holiday weekend. We rode from Kansas to Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. The trip revolved around riding the Natchez Trace (a 440 mile curvy parkway spanning through Mississippi, Alabama & Tennessee). It was a lot of riding for a total of 1,800 miles of fun and adventure with overnight stops in:

Memphis, TN - Saw Graceland at night and walked around the dowtown district with the masses partying on Beale Street
Tupelo, MS - It was inevitable I would find a terrible Waffle House but the magnolia trees were beautiful and the wild turkeys were everywhere
Shreveport, LA - Rode while the sun set in Louisiana with cool, humid smells that reminded me of childhood camping and fishing trips

As we were coming home my steel pony, Sinister, started to sputter and cut out. I made it off the turnpike just in time for her to die as I coasted into a parking lot so very close to home. It was sad. She tried her best to get me home after such a long journey.