Sunday, July 04, 2010

Texas 4th of July

In all the years I've gone to Texas to visit family, this was the first time I made it a motorcycle road trip. I invited my best riding bud, Melanie, and we called it a Girls' Run Weekend. Storms were all around us but good karma followed us most of the way. We spent a night in Dallas

and hung around Easyriders Strokers Ice House and up the road toured the way cool bike shop and museum, The Old Bike Shop.

Then we were off to Cedar Creek Lake for a weekend of fun and fireworks with my grandma, aunts, uncle and cousins complete with BBQ and bonfires. Oh, and there
was lots of shopping too at the 1st Monday Flea Market in Canton. It was 850 miles of motorcycle adventures and girl fun. I'll roll with you anywhere, Melanie!