Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breaking in New Skates

I have some new figure ice skates. The rink made me quite a deal with 15% off and a free bag, blade covers and socks with purchase of skates. For Lesson II, we worked on swizzles and it was bound to happen -- I fell during open skate time. It wasn't just a stumble or trip, I was going forward pretty fast and my toe pick vaulted me into a full belly flop that just about knocked my glasses off (Note to self: wear contacts next time-geek) and everyone on the rink said a collective OOOH! In fact, everyone (me included) involuntarily gasps when someone falls. I've been very apprehensive about falling and crippling myself so I guess it was good to know I could bite it hard, get up, brush myself off and keep on skating. Then there's the blisters that comes with breaking in new leather skates...OUCH!