Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Knits

I sent two knitted gifts to Washington. For years now, I've made wool felted slippers for those special in my life. They can be time consuming but I've made so many now that knitting them are second nature and I've developed my own tricks in making them. I prefer to use Lamb's Pride wool that has a 15% blend of mohair. I felt heavily in a top-loading washing machine with dish soap and dryer balls in hot water. Once felted, the mohair makes the slipper dense and fuzzy. I then take a pair of clippers and slightly trim down the mohair fuzz. A warm and cozy gift for Dr. Dan.
Next a gift for Laura and while I'm at it, myself. We picked out the yarn during our June road trip at a yarn shop in Taos, New Mexico. It's a one-skein Schaefer Nancy yarn shawl. We liked the samples in the shop and getting it done before Christmas was good timing for her a sentimental gift.