Saturday, January 19, 2013

FiberSpace 2013

This weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer and help the Sisters at Heartland Farm (outside of Great Bend, KS) with an overnight fiber arts retreat. I assisted those wanting to learn spinning and drop spindle with alpaca and wool fiber. The Sisters also provided instructions for weaving and bobbin lace. Everything at this organic farm has a beginning and end like the alpacas that provide a fiber to knit with to the chickens that provided us with a tasty meal. It's always a peaceful and inspiring place to visit and recharge.

Everything at the farm has a simple use and purpose:

Several years ago I found a rigid heddle weaving loom at an estate sale but didn't know if I had all the pieces or even how to use it so I brought it along. Sister Terry helped me set it up and to my delight all the pieces were there and now I'm on my way to weaving a small project like coasters. I discovered that I really enjoy working with a drop spindle to make a lace-weight yarn. So much fiber and so little time...