Thursday, February 28, 2013

Some Okie Fun

Sometimes while traveling for work things fall into place to shop for yarn and to see some new places.  My recent trip to Oklahoma was one of those times.  On my route through Tulsa is my most favorite yarn shop, Loops.  There's an entire wall of sample project items, the pattern and yarn lined up in rows.  I have never walked out without a garment project or two.  This time, yarn for the summer vest pictured.

Then a yarn friend, Denise, saw my location tags and sent me an email inviting me to meet her and her husband for dinner at a resort, The Canebrake, not far from where I was staying.  Turns out I discovered a new place to come back to for a lake, yoga, dog friendly retreat.  In fact, on my way home, I stopped back in at this lakeside resort for an amazing yoga class.  Okie's are so much fun!