Friday, September 28, 2007

Road Trip: Gove, KS

Today was a vacation, road trip, therapy day. I packed a thermos of Godiva coffee, snacks, knitting bag and an audio book CD and hit the road for one destination: Gove City Yarn and Antiques. I had seen a billboard for the shop once coming back from Colorado on I-70 and have been itching to check it out ever since. Although we now have an awesome LYS, I still enjoy traveling to other shops and getting motivation and new ideas from yonder places. Thankfully, after the 250 mile drive there, the shop met all my expectations.

I was inspired by a vest design by the owner, Betty Lou, called the ShagKet and I purchased yarns in shades of brown and tan to complete the project. You tie assorted yarns (or scraps) together leaving tails and carry it along with a base (wool) yarn following the vest pattern. I can see mine as a croppped vest with maybe short rows to make the back a little longer. It makes a very unique creation. Betty Lou told me a man once offered her $900 dollars for one she had made out of denim strips. It was beautiful. The shop was crammed full with yarns, books, patterns and antiques. If you make the trip, plan to spend a couple hours taking it all in -- you won't be disappointed.