Saturday, June 13, 2009

2009 Estes Park Wool Market

I woke up early (as always) in our roomy log cabin, started a pot of coffee and knitted on a leather sofa while watching the sun rise over the snow covered mountains in Estes. It was fabulous. A couple hours later,

the next one to rise was Shelly's charming son, Caleb in his red flannel monkey pajamas. (Shelly brought her family and it was entertaining having little ones staying with us). We spent the majority of the day at the wool market where I loaded up on tons of new fiber. Seriously, the word is L-O-A-D-E-D up. Indulged in a bag of kettle corn and walked around the judging tents filled with alpacas, llamas, rabbits, sheep and goats. Thought I'd share a picture of the Wensleydale sheep that I absolutely feel in love with and I swear he was smitten with me, too. Then got in more walking through all the souvenir shops in town. Exhaustion kicked in after finding the perfect t-shirts and Laura and I sat down on some rocks by the stream/river and knitted while a soft mountain rainshower passed over us. It was perfect.