Friday, June 12, 2009

Destination: Gove City Yarns

My rabbit hole of knitting has really gifted me with some special friendships and awesome road trips. This time, Laura invited me, Ashley & Jennie along with her to Estes Park, CO for the 2009 Wool Market. We hit the road running and within 40 miles of Gove City Yarns, I dazzled my traveling companions by completing a Swiffer cover and started a 2nd one. The pressure to perform kicked in after purchasing a soy silk scarf kit in Gove. (It's one of those yarn shops where you trip over yarn, books and antiques at every turn). So then, I rushed through the second cover and started on the scarf by Boulder, CO. We gained an hour in mountain time and arrived in Estes Park in time to go to town for my favorite (mexican) road trip meal -- fish tacos and a very special "Corona moment" on the patio next to a rushing stream.