Saturday, December 29, 2007

DIY: Picture Ornaments

Making picture ornaments is a family tradition handed down from my Grandma Penny. For many years now, I have made an ornament for each year that passes with pictures of us, our pets or here recently, our vacation road trip Christmas card. You too can start a new tradition for your family. I keep the supplies in a tin and get it out every year with my Christmas things. You'll need the following:

3" styrofoam ball
Velvet cut in 2" strip and a small circle
2 hair pins
Fishing line swivel
Any size bell
Metallic fabric paint
Craft glue and a picture

It's really quite simple to glue together following the pictures starting with slicing off an end of the styrofoam ball (I found using a bread knife works the best) and tracing your ball on the picture. Just be very careful when working with the glue not to get it smeared all over the velvet by wiping your fingers frequently on a damp paper towel. Glue the picture on and then the trim starting on the front bottom wrapping it around to cover the gaps and seams. Insert the swivel on top and the bell on the bottom with the hair pins and finally, use the fabric paint to write on name(s) or place(s) and the year on each side. Allow to dry, hang and enjoy your snapshots in time.