Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saturday at the River Festival

Jackie and I met up on our bicycles at Panera then rode together to the Old Town Farm & Art Market just opening for the season. We were thrilled to find a bicycle vendor booth with freebies from the Health & Wellness Coalition such as helmets, bike locks, reflective vests and t-shirts. The Bike Cave was also there for service and tire checks. Douglas Avenue was closed for the River Run making it smooth riding for us to the festival.

My neice, Amy, ran in the River Run and I met up with her afterwards at the Vagabond. Funny girl, drinking beer after a run. Then mom showed up and we walked around the festival taking in the music, art and a funnel cake. As if funnel cake wasn't enough, I also met up with Laurie and her husband at the food court for roasted corn and a corn dog.

I took a 3-hour class at Sheryl's Stained Glass in the Mosley Street Market. This little shopping center is a hidden gem in Old Town. (Sheryl also has a booth at the monthly colliseum flea market and Saturdays at the Farm and Art market). In the Mosley market she has a studio set up where she taught me how to solder small little pictures (two-sided) between glass to make pendants. I made two: Betty Boop for mom for mother's day and ladies on bicycles for me. I found I really like to solder and will be making more of these for certain.