Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day Camp

My riding friends (Dawn, Courtny & Theresa) and I met up with some of Dawn's friends (hey, Kacey!) at the lake and had some pretty awesome adventures in spite of all the wind that drove everyone on the north side of the reservoir home early this holiday weekend. They say it was "breezy" but at Kanapolis State Park it was downright gale force winds that ripped up my 2 room Coleman tent. I ended up sleeping under the stars in the back of my truck bed the last night and that just added to the fun of it all. We joked that sometimes the most challenging times are the most memorable and we had plenty of that.

There's hiking and riding trails all over the park and we took advantage of an early morning trail ride. It was a cool morning and the horses were fresh with all kinds of galloping energy. I just loved that.