Saturday, September 03, 2011

12-Hour Jaunt

I had several errands to run in Kansas City so Mom and I headed out at 7 am and got home at 7 pm for a quick 12-hour jaunt for shopping and antiques. We enjoyed the 200 mile drive talking and singing along to the radio. We made a stop at Stuff in Brookside and I got a handmade pair of earrings for a friend and some yarn at The Studio by the Plaza. Then over to the west side of town for the monthly Bottoms Up Antique Market. There was no air conditioning and several of the floors of the old warehouses were almost too hot to think straight let along shop for long but I did find a crochet table runner and adorable gold and crystal night light chandelier just perfect for my sewing room. Dinner and margarita's at Manny's and then over to Cabelas. Going to Cabela's is always an "event" and the place just makes me happy. A very good day of shopping and spending time with my momma.