Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival

The Walnut Valley Bluegrass festival in Winfield starts tomorrow so I got my tent set up all by myself (GIRL POWER!) at the far west end of Pecan Grove, right beside the Walnut River and across from the 24 hour west entrance. This campground is where all the "action" takes place outside of the main grandstand where all the big name acts perform. In this area, smaller stages are built for the amateurs to perform as well as gather around and play in their own camp sites. Basically, music is going on all night throughout the area.

My friend Karen was set up in the same area and I got to hang out with her family and see her son, Dylan, perform on Stage 5 with his band, Sizzle Biscuit from McPherson, KS. It's such a good, hippie vibe here in Winfield, KS and I'm enjoying a night to myself in my own tent listening to the sounds of fiddles playing from the campsite next to me.