Friday, September 16, 2011

Campmates & Bluegrass

I now have campmates! Angelique drove in from New Mexico and picked up our LYS goddess, Shelly, and they set up camp beside me. To my delight, they brought a stove and "real" food to prepare along with cheese, crackers and wine. We have been living it up.

There are several stages set up on the fairgrounds. We laid out blankets on the hill by Stage 2 and knit the day away while huddled under umbrellas during periods of light rain. Later tonight we set under cover at the grandstand and saw The Wilders perform while down below a group of women danced around in can-can/tutu skirts, cowboy hats and boots while waving around bright glow sticks. It was somewhat magical and they looked liked dancing fairies. Tommy Emmanuel played a mean guitar and my favorite turned out to be Michael Martin Murphey and his cowboy songs. After he performed I got to go up and meet him and get some CD's signed. That was pretty awesome.