Saturday, August 09, 2008

One Incredible Ride

Melanie and I said a prayer before we left and it was answered as we made it home safe and sound from our 2,440 mile trip to Arizona. We got slammed by rain storms across multiple states coming home but if it just had to rain on us I'll settle for the last day any time. We parted ways in Pratt and I rode the remaining 90 miles home in the dark and rain reflecting on all the good times we had. And there were many. From pulling off a desert highway to discover a lake state park, Elephant Butte, for chips and beer to riding along the scenic Geronimo Trail Byway which took us to a vista point in the Black Range mountains. It was there we stood in the cool pine air looking off into the canyon amazed at how quiet it was all the while overwhelmed that we were actually there, together. Ride On, Girlfriend!