Friday, August 01, 2008

Ready To Go!

I've been talking a big game about riding to Phoenix with my girlfriend for some time and now it's a reality. We leave early tomorrow and I'm packed and ready to go for our week long road trip. I wouldn't dare say I'm scared, but the fact that two women riding motorcycles for such a long distance brings all kinds of challenges as well as big fun and adventure that's got me nervous and excited at the same time.

My bags are small (my patch bag is starting out empty for purchases along the way --- can you say yarn?) so I'll be taking just a few luxury items such as my (crushable) straw cowboy hat, a few belt buckles with coordinating jewelry, a koozie and limes for my Coronas, a can of Slim Jims, a knitting novel and a small Rowan denim knitting project (Thanks, Shelly!). I'll try to post if I get access to a computer -- See ya'll later!