Monday, August 04, 2008

Riding Destination: New Mexico

Hola que tal? (Hi, what's happening?) Today is day 3 of our road trip. Our bikes have been running well, we've dodged storms and have made some really cool stops along the way. I've discovered pickled sunflower seeds and Rio Grande beer that's flavored with green chile. We stayed our first night in Tumucari and then a stop at Melanie's friends, Fred and Cindy, who live in Bayard, NM. Today, the four of us rode our bikes through the Gila National Forest mountains and tomorrow we will leave for the big city of Phoenix. Oh, yeah, and I also found some handpainted silk yarn at a women's collective in Silver City.

So far we've logged just a little over 1,000 miles. I love the scenery of New Mexico!