Sunday, September 13, 2009

Girls (Aunts) Day

Aunt J. and I drove over the river into Vancouver, Washington for an early morning walk and to take in yet another (smaller) farmer's market then we were off with Aunt R. for what we called a "girl's day". Specifically, a fun-filled day with my aunts, hot wings at Fire on the Mountain, pedicures and a movie, Julie & Julia. It was a delightful chick flick that will make you want to go home and cook. Really, I think I smiled through the entire movie. Oh, and I can't forget to add a little quick shopping at Powell's Books. It's the world's largest independent (new & used) book store spanning a whole city block and I've never seen such a large selection of knitting, spinning and dyeing books -- it was incredible. I only had an hour to make a quick grab of a few books on knitting, spinning and textiles.