Saturday, September 12, 2009

Portland Saturday Market

Aunts Janine and Rita took me downtown for the Farm market where we picked up jellies, cheeses and roasted poblano peppers and then took the trolley to the Art market along the river. There were so many handmade things that I wanted to have but settled on a macrame bracelet, hair stick and silver pair of swirl earrings. I found inspiration everywhere I turned. From the reconstructed skirts a woman had sewn out of recycled sweaters, t-shirts and cotton (I can so do that) to the girl
with the most beautiful head full of dreads we saw in front of us as we were enjoying a Gyro. Yes, I have dread envy. I also saw the exact black bicycle I've been longing for. So many cool things to see in dowtown Portland.

Stopped at yet another knit shop, Knit Purl, in the downtown area. A lovely shop with a designer flair. Found the woman working at the shop has connections to the knitting book, AlterKnits, and bought the book for a special project. She also lives on Sauvie Island where my Aunt Rita lives.